Coral Kitchen

As you will soon learn, I am obsessed with bright colors.  Our kitchen was lacking exactly that.  Here is what I referred to as the ‘beige blob’ when we moved in…

old kitchen


I knew I wanted to bring some color in this room, but I wasn’t sure how or where.  I painted the shelves blue and grey, and part of a lower cabinet grey.  My “see how this looks for a little while” lasted longer than a little while; it was probably closer to a year. But in that year I learned more about what I wanted to accomplish with color in my kitchen:

  • contrast my china pattern so it will stand out on the shelves
  • make it a happy and cheerful place to cook a meal for loved ones
  • make it brighter. With only that one window over the sink, it can get dim.

Eventually, I decided the top cabinets needed to be bright white and the bottom cabinets needed to be a bright color. My initial thoughts on the bottom color was to pick a turquoise–it’s my favorite color. But I ultimately decided on a color to contrast the turquoise in my china.  And here are the results..

new kitchen


The colors I chose are Marshmallow and Ardent Coral, both by Sherwin Williams.  I absolutely love how it brightened the room and brought color to the space.  There’s still plenty of projects to do in this room, and I’ll be sure to share them with you.

Until then, do you cook in color, too?

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