Silver Linings

As I was cleaning the house today, I noticed my vanity and dressing area could use a little sprucing up.  I was dusting and moving bobby pins around and trying to reorganize all my hair products and jewelry. I was trying to think of something I could use to keep all the little odds and ends tidy, and then it hit me–use silver!

I have an infatuation with silver. It doesn’t matter if it’s solid silver, sterling, silver plate, covered tin or brass, tarnished, faded, whatever. I love the patina of old pieces and the gleam it adds to a space.  I’ve collected and been given all sorts of pieces over the years, and I’ve been struggling to find a place to utilize some of the smaller items.  I have some of my finer pieces on display, but I fully believe in using items that you love, and today I found a new way to utilize and showcase some silver goblets, small revere bowls, cups, and more. Here is the finished, organized (and clean) dressing area:

silver linings 1

I know it’s a dark photo and hard to tell what is where, but don’t worry, I took some detail shots from left to right

silver linings 3


On the left side, I keep my hair dryer and straightener out. I use at least one of them on a daily basis so I don’t see the point in putting it away every day. I didn’t photo them, but you can see my diffuser on the left side of this photo. I used some tarnished silver goblets to hold a few makeup brushes, lip glosses, mascara, etc.  They add a nice height to the area.  My perfumes are resting prettily on a silver trivet.  My grandmother bought it for me at a consignment store in the mountains and I just love it because it is engraved with a letter “C.” How perfect!

silver linings 7


I placed an acrylic monogrammed tray in the middle of the vanity to corral more items. I used a silver pitcher to hold my hairbrushes, gathered my most-used hair items in the back corner and used small silver cups to organize hair clips, bobby pins, and my rings. I’ve thought the little cups are so cute, and I’m so happy I have a use for them.

silver linings 2


On the end, I’ve put other frequently used hair items, lotions, etc. on a mirrored tray and used two revere bowls and little bowls for jewelry. In the small revere bowl, I store gold bangles that I wear almost every day and in the larger one I placed some other bangles I wear on a regular basis. When I finished organizing, I thought “duh, why I haven’t I thought of this before?”

silver linings 8


This is my cute little bench where I sit to get ready. My mother used it previously in her dressing area and gave it to me to paint and recover. I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

silver linings 6


I would not say this little nook is totally complete. Did you notice the missing door to the closet in the mirror reflection? Or the tacky globes on the light fixture?  That’s next on my to-do list. All of our bathrooms have that light fixture and I updated the one in our bathroom with new glass, seeded globes and you would not believe the transformation that makes. Sorry no picture; I’ll be sure to take one when I replace these.

I have to say, I love that my vanity now has a little silver. It makes it ultra girly getting ready, but that’s a great way to start the day–shining and happy!



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