Kitchen Accessorizing

Just because your kitchen is used for cooking, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be accessorized with fun, useful objects. A kitchen is usually the hearth of your home, where you spent lots of time, so it should look polished–like a room in which you actually live.  No kitchen is perfect; most are messy. But I try to make mine full of life with color (lots!) and some of my favorite things.

Warning–my kitchen is not a perfect kitchen.  I don’t have granite counters or a matching appliance package. I chalkboard painted the fridge and dishwasher so they would match the black in the range. It’s actually the, ya’ll. I love writing notes to hubs and bible verses on them. Ok, back to what my kitchen is not….I don’t have a big sink or fancy lighting. From first glance, it’s your typical 1960s ranch kitchen.  But oh how I love a decorating challenge to bring something up to date on my budget.  Here are some snapshots to my personalized kitchen.


This is the area over the sink. I love how my middle china pattern really contrasts the coral and my turquoise accents.


Here is my coffee area. I must have my cup of coffee in the mornings, so I made it easily accessible. The coral tray has two canisters: one for sugar and one for coffee.  I leave two mugs and five spoons out in the tray so everything I need is right there.  Isn’t the lamp adorable?! My mom found it for me at TJ Maxx. I have a minor obsession with cute little birds, and the lamp is the perfect height and accent for the area. It’s also a great light to leave on all the time; especially for those midnight snacks.


These are the shelves to the left of the sink. I’ve put my middle china pattern coffee mugs (more birds), dessert bowls, and teapots on them.


This is the right side of the sink. More china and another teapot. That’s another collectible for me–teapots. I don’t know why; I just think they’re cute.


In the right corner, I have one of my pattern’s large platters. It’s hard to notice in this photo, but I placed an LED spotlight under the cabinet to shine on the platter. It looks really pretty when it’s dark. I usually only turn it on when we are hosting company. After looking at this photo, I feel like this corner looks bare, but it’s the area I use the most for cooking and spreading out all my food items. And I do not like clutter in my way when I’m working on a completely different task. So while it may look bare, it’s the perfect backdrop and accent for an area that gets used a lot.


I accessorized our range area with a wooden sign above the stove that says “In all things, He is.” Such a good reminder. I keep the oven mitt handy–the cute polka dot one and the rubber one. Something pretty, something practical. Ha! I actually mean to move that rubber mitt out of the way but totally forgot. Real life y’all. I love my Anthropologie spoon rest and butter dish. I’ve been eyeing the adorable matching measuring cups to complete the set! I feel like I need my grouping of three to make it finished. And a pretty dish towel breaks up all that stainless. Check out that built in cutting board to the left. 1960s-built-home give away right there.  It’s actually extremely practical, but I’d love to have a butcher block made to the exact size to put on top of it. Butcher block are my dream countertops, and if I can’t have all counters be that, then maybe I can get a really beautiful butcher block for a small section. So I can pretend like I’m a master chef on the Cooking Channel. That’s not happening anytime soon–butcher block or master chef.


These are the shelves on the end of my cabinets. I put the salad plates to my china pattern on them; they fit perfectly! At Christmastime, I’ll put the holiday version of the plate up there.


These are the bottom shelves on the end of the cabinets.It may look uneven from this angle, but remember you’re usually looking down on them. I got down on my knees to take a closer picture to explain a few more things. I love stacks of cookbooks and put the pretty ones on display in the back. I used a pitcher and two glasses to make a group of three and add different heights to the top shelf. On the bottom, I cattywonkered (real word?) some dishes that incorporate the turquoise. The green planter next to it brings out the green in the plates and, again, adds height.


Here are the opposite top shelves. Oddly enough, they are narrower than the shelves I just showed you, so putting my china on display was not an option. I was also scared to have plates set up there with the door shutting right beside them. It’s been a challenge to find things that fit the slim space, but I do like the plate and canvas I hung up there. They are cheerful phrases to greet me when I come home. The little pitcher on the top shelf is the perfect size for up there. It’s too small for me to make a pack of Crystal Light, so I’m glad I’ve found a display location for it.


These are the bottom shelves on that side. I have a wine bottle holder and a pewter bowl on stacked books that hold corks next to it. On the bottom, I have a cutting board in the background, a decanter to bring in the turquoise element on this side, and an acrylic ice bucket.

At first, I couldn’t wait to take out all of these shelves, but then I realized I have no business taking a sledge hammer trying to knock them down. Can you imagine the disaster? And even worse, I wouldn’t be able to display some of my favorite things and make the kitchen feel home-y.  Open shelving is such a big trend in kitchen designs right now. My open shelving may not be the modern styles of today, but it serves the same purpose–practicality in storage and prettiness in displaying.


The dumping ground. As hard as I try to keep this area organized, it’s the place where my purse get’s dropped, mail piles up, and junk gets stacked. You do not want to see that upper left cabinet. However, when it is semi-tidy, as in the picture above, it can be a cute space.


I use the wooden platter as the place to hold keys, sunglasses, gum, and mail that needs tending. Yes, that is more tarnished silver in the background. I tried so hard to polish it because they are beautiful pieces and belonged to hubs’ grandmother, but I couldn’t get them all shiny. Nonetheless, I put them to use to house pens and chalk.


On the right side, I have some framed photos and a little dish. I’ve been trying to do a better job at taking pictures, getting them developed, buying good frames, and putting them on display. And of course, a nook is not complete without a bible verse reminder.


We have an entire wall of floor to ceiling cabinets and I added a turquoise framed photo of us to add some life to the blank side of it.


I also updated the floor to ceiling cabinets with colorful accent knobs of coral, turquoise and other vivid colors. I was inspired by all the kitchen updates I’ve seen on Houzz that incorporate different finishes on cabinets. I decided it was nice to keep the floor to ceiling cabinets the wood stain and paint the other cabinets.

And now I’m going to point out the obvious. The kitchen is not complete. Is home improvement ever done? Nope. You probably noticed the swipes of primer on the door frame; yep, that still needs painting. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; I still need to install the rest of the drawer pulls. Those are the glaring items on the to do list right now. Hopefully, I’ll accomplish them soon.

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