Garage Door Update

A few weekends ago, I took Friday off, and you would not believe the productivity. It was the first time in quite a while that I didn’t have a work or social event. Like any other time I get off, I went to work on a project, and decided to paint the garage door.

I’ve been debating color of the garage for a while.  In the picture below, you can tell that it was an off-white, creamy, ivory shade that does not match the white trim around the door or the rest of the house.


Notice the bay window beside it has all white trim, no cream in sight. I knew I needed it be neutral, but what neutral? Go with an updated white? Or go with black? I know, bold. But when have I ever been afraid of bold colors? Hello, did you see my last post about my kitchen and all those colors? I began by googling and pinterest-ing “black garage door brick house.” It’s definitely worth a google.

I went to Sherwin Williams to pick out a black, and I never thought I would have a hard time choosing. I narrowed down to “Historic Charleston Green” and “Black Magic.” I brought the two samples home and painted some swatches on some old cardboard and held it up in the light. I love the Historic Charleston Green because a.) it’s Charleston and who doesn’t love it and b.) it’s a fantastic shade of black that gives a slight hint to green in the sun. I highly recommend it if you need black that will fit into a traditional look. HOWEVER, my house is not traditional. It’s a 1960s ranch that is slightly contemporary; no classic shutters, no wrought iron, nothing of the sorts. I held the Black Magic sample up to the black in the door hardware, and it was extremely close to that same black. And that’s the black I chose.


What do you think of the results? I love them! It’s taken a bit to get used to, but it definitely updated the whole facade of the house. The garage door is an old one (surprised that it still works great), and this brought it into the 21st century.  With the black garage door, black house number against white on the front door, black hardware on the door, and the black mailbox, this all ties in so nicely.  Here’s to hoping I get a new front light fixture soon to tie it together even better!


There’s a better glance at the front yard. I’m standing in the corner, but not on the street.  Please don’t pay attention to the dying ferns in the front urns or our unmulched beds.  Again, this is reality and I’m waiting until company comes and all the leaves fall to make them look good. But in the meantime, it feels good to have one more outdoor project completed.

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