Wardrobe Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! We’re halfway through the week!

In an effort to add some fashion to the design element of this blog, I’m going to post style related items on Wednesdays, and this week, I’m showcasing my reorganized closet.  The time had come for me to put up the sleeveless tanks of summer and bring out the turtlenecks so I decided to totally restructure my closet.  When I began, it looked like this:

100_0927[1] 100_0928[1]

Look at all that mess. My laziness had left oodles of shoes on the floor and my clothes were in total disarray.  I got to work.


This is the after. There are still shoes on the floor, but those are my boots that need to stand up. The narrow rack in the middle back is where I plan outfits for the week.  If I know of a certain event that calls for a particular attire, I’ll put it out and place it there. On that narrow shelf above it, I place items I no longer want. It’s the donate pile and once it’s stacked, I’ll take clothes to be donated.  To the bottom right of that center rack is where all my pants are hanging, starting with black and navy into whites into colors into jeans.  The top rack on the right are my shirts and blouses going from pinks to oranges to patterns of pinks and orange (can you guess my favorite colors/) into whites into black and white patterns into blacks. The very top shelf stores purses and handbags. Notice all the empty shoe boxes are no longer there–what a space stealer.


The left side of my closet rack have dresses and skirts. Color organized beginning with tans and browns into blacks into navy into purple into pink into orange.  There’s not a great organization color theme to my skirts because I don’t have many.


Ahh, shoes! The right side of the closet is where I organize my shoes. The heels and wedges are arranged with one end facing inward and the toe facing outward so I can easily decide if they match my outfit. The narrow cubbies on the right keep all my ballet flats stacked.


On the very top shelf, i left out some summer shoes that can transition into fall and some formal shoes that I may wear to a wedding or nice event.


Here’s all my boots standing up.  Notice the wine bottles to the right? That’s what I use to keep the shape of my boots and keep them standing up! I saw it on pinterest and it’s genius!

Have you swapped out your summer closet for the fall and winter wardrobe yet? Do you reorganize as you transition?

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