Working on the Windows

y’all! I am so excited to have new curtain panels in my bedroom. Major improvement; especially when it looked like this.

IMG_1132Can you say blah?  It hasn’t always looked like that. I made some beautiful draperies, a headboard and bed skirt, but then we got a king size bed and the headboard and bed skirt didn’t work, so all of it got moved to a guest bedroom. That bedroom is still in the works, but it’s coming along.

The brown panels above were something I found in the linen closet to make do until I got some pretty ones.

World Market had a great sale on panels last week. I went to the store to see them in person and if they would match with my idea and colors I have going on. They matched perfectly with my fabric swatches (from, but they didn’t have the size I needed in the store. I ordered them online and they arrived quickly. I’m so happy I had time to hang them this week. That’s partly because they are hidden back tabs that make it so easy!

Here are the curtains at

Here are my fabric swatches that I am using to make euro shams and bed skit from

Premier Prints Ikat Domino Flamingo

Premier Prints Rosa Flamingo

How perfect are all those greys with that POP of pink and coral?! Y’all know pink is my signature color! (quote stolen from Steel Magnolias).

I ripped open the package when they arrived and hung one set on the curtain rod that was already there:


Again, it was a major improvement, but I thought I needed a longer curtain rod to make the window look bigger. I went to Lowe’s and got the exact same one, but in the 6′ length. *Ignore the laundry basket and hubby’s clothes on the chair*


Another major improvement. I love how big it looks now, especially because this is a pretty small window.

The only other source of natural light in our room is a french door to the deck. I’ve had a wooden roman shade on it. We have to have something on our windows to block the light in the mornings and afternoons.


It was okay. *Ignore my messy bedside table* I moved the 4′ curtain rod from the other window for the drapes over here and here is the result:


So. Much. Better. I love the 96″ length of these curtains. It allows me to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible and draw the eye upward, which we really need in this room with no crown molding. Having the french door and window in the same treatment balances the room out since they are on opposites sides. I would have taken a picture of the entire room, but as you can tell from the chair and table, it was a mess. Don’t worry, a full picture will come when more things are complete in our master bedroom decor re-do, but that will be a while because I need a bed skirt, headboard, lamps, pillows, and other accessories. Just one. step. at. a. time.

On to the next project!

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