A special meal and place setting

My mother and I recently went to visit my grandparents in the mountains for a quick overnight trip. We were celebrating Granddaddy’s birthday; he just turned 84! Mom had the great idea that we will cook a meal he likes, and set a pretty table that my grandmother likes. Mom used her own Juliska “country estate” and Grandmama’s Johnson Brothers “Blue Willow.” She packed some pretty napkins, table runner, placemats, and goblets to complete the set. When we arrived, I got to set the table–it’s my favorite thing to do! Take a look at how serene our evening by the lake was:

I just love using the blue and white as a “neutral” and laying in colors. I made the floral arrangement out of white roses, yellow jumbo mums, and white hydrangeas I got from Publix and then grabbed some greenery from yard of pittosporum and camelia leaves. I chose yellow because it’s Grandmama’s favorite color. The floral napkins really add a nice burst of color to the table, especially against the green placemats.

I love this so much, I’m saving up so I can purchase a good set of dinner plates of the Blue Willow soon.

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