How to look like fall, but still be comfortable

Anyone else feeling like fall in the fashion area, but it’s still over 90 degrees where you live? Me, myself, and I. I’m over this heat, but it doesn’t seem to be cooling off anytime soon. I’ve been re-working my wardrobe and trying to create some outfits that are cool and comfortable but don’t look like I just left my summer vacation.


This is not a great photo at all, please excuse the horrible lighting!

This is my new favorite brand and my new favorite dress! Belk has started a new line named Crown & Ivy and it’s one area in the department store that I always stop by and see what’s new. I originally bought this dress in navy (my fave neutral), and wore it once and decided I needed more colors because of how comfortable, yet professional and stylish it was. I went back and got the kelly green color. You can order it online, and it’s on sale!

Belk crown & ivy Jacquard Swing Dress

The jacquard fabric has a great pattern woven through and the heavier weight makes it great for this time of year. This is a piece that I also plan to wear into late fall and winter with tights and a turtleneck under it. An affordable piece of clothing that I can wear year round–check!

I recently found these great shoes on discount at Dillards:


How perfect are these wedges? I love the lighter neutral color; it looks better with my pale skin. I’m all about a wedge heel..comfort, height, make my legs look a little leaner–check! I looked online, but I don’t think Dillards still has these in stock.

How are you staying cool and comfortable in fall heat?

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