Casual Outdoor Dinner Party

We have some amazing friends that we get together with weekly for supper. We’re always casual and the entree is always chicken; with the menu already planned, it makes it easier for us to get together during very busy weeks.

With summer drawing to a close and our fall getting busier by the minute, I’m trying to enjoy every second I can on our lower deck–soak up the peaceful night air and relax outside. (major allergy problems sometimes hinder this, however.)

Last week was our turn to host and since the house was a bit of a mess, I decided our dinner would be outside. Here’s how our deck is styled and how I set the table.


I used a turquoise round place mat with a bright green charger, my chirp china, and a bright floral paper napkin. This was a great one last bright summertime place setting.


I added a bright green animal print pillow to the head chairs to dress it up a little.


This is our sofa don the bottom deck. I was enjoying a glass of wine while we waited for friends to arrive.


It’s a peaceful little spot. I’m looking forward to more evenings outside as it begins to cool down a little.

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