Breakfast Room

Today, I’m sharing our breakfast room. It’s probably the most “complete” room in our home, although there are a few things I want to add to enhance this space.


It’s such a happy space! I love how the light cascades through the bay window (I actually had a hard time photographing this because of the light)! Although we don’t sit down to breakfast together here (I’m starting to wonder why folks call it a breakfast room? maybe when we have kids we’ll gather here in the morning?), but we do eat supper in here. And it’s currently functioning as my home office as I type this!

I wish I had before photos for this space and furniture, some of these pieces were rough! The green server in the back is my favorite transformation. My in laws gave us this piece; it was an ugly wood and looked like the 70s–probably when they bought it. It has a marble inlay top that makes this piece so heavy! The sides fold down, but I like keeping them up to go across this long wall. I painted it Straightforward Green from Sherwin Williams. I spray painted the hardware black and bought some new drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby. You can see them peeking over the table! And to top the room off, the chandelier is from World Market.

The table is a Goodwill find! I found a lot of rattan furniture at Goodwill for $50 so I scooped it up and pieces are scattered around my house. I spray painted this orange! It was originally in our basement, but I love a round table and moved it up here. I’ve thought about painting it another color, but I kind of like the unexpectedness of orange. It’s also a good pop against the green next to it.

Santa Claus gave us the woven chairs and bench a few Christmases ago; I think he found them at TJ Maxx. The pillows in the space came from a variety of places. The black and white houndstooth pillows on the chair came from At Home. I made the turquoise pom poms (so easy, just youtube it!) and added them on the corners. I think the classic pattern in black and white brings a subtle form of black and grounds the chairs; it helps make the knobs on the green more cohesive with the overall space. The pink and champagne zebra pillows…oh these pillows. I have always loved this fabric, but never wanted to buy it or have something made in it. I just wasn’t sure where to put it. And then one day on a selling facebook group, someone had 4 of them for $40! I couldn’t pass it up and I nabbed them! And hello, they so go with the green! The small green pillows have a metallic pattern on them and they are Nicole Miller from TJMaxx; these bring the green over to the side and the sheen is a nod to the silver on the server. The pink pagoda pillow is from At Home. 100_1004

The artwork is from World Market. I don’t believe they have it anymore. One day I will have “real art” on there. I love this because of the colors: pink, green, citrus and some metallic gold brushed on there. I want to invest in a piece from a local artist, but in the meantime, this is perfect. (PS–excuse my tags hanging off those green pillows. Rookie blogger here, keeping it real.)


I’ve decorated the server with some of my favorite things, and items that are very special to me. The mirror is leaning on the wall; I can’t decide if I want to hang it. It grounds the space, but in a casual way; and the lean of it reflects the pendent so well. I found it a yard sale for $20! The angel picture was a gift and I framed it in a simple metallic frame from Michaels. The candle holders are a hand me down; they are a iron that has been sprayed black and the candles are the Ana Candles. I get them locally at 4 Rooms. You should see all the colors they come in! The stack of plates are Tracy Reese; it’s from the special Neiman Marcus collection for Target a few years back (I can’t find a link online anymore, sorry!). I love the colors of these and actually use them for all things! Small dishes make a great way to collect tiny items: rings, change, etc. The mirrored tray is another gift from Santa; he knows me too well!  All the silver pieces on the tray were gifts. Mint Julep cups are one of my favorite items! They make cocktails stay so cold and refreshing–which is crucial in this August heat we’ve had lately! You can silver plate julep cups at plenty of places, or if you want the real thing, check with a local vendor like a fine jewelry store. The pitcher was a gift as well. I love when I have flowers in here, but that doesn’t always happen. I store our cotton napkins in there. It’s so handy when we’re eating dinner; just grab a napkin right there! They are the buffet napkins in fanfare teal from World Market. The lamps came from TJ Maxx years ago. I love the gold artichoke on the lucite/acrylic platform. It dresses up the space, but not too much. I keep our salt and pepper grinders handy on the buffet.


Now on to the place setting. One of my favorite things to do is to create a different place setting. I love the challenge of using china and pieces I already own and seeing how many combinations I can make.


The gold place mat is another TJ Maxx find. I love how these bring out the gold in my top plate and pull in from the gold lamps. The lime green charger is from Michaels. I don’t see this green anymore, but you can never go wrong with gold or silver. I also have it in metallic brown which is great in fall and with my other china patterns; that will be a post for another day! The blue and white plate is a thrift store find. It is Target Home and I doubt they have it still. I have no idea how old it is or when it came out since I found it at a thrift store. The top plate is Haviland Birds of Paradise. My mother in law gave it to me and I just love it! The gold band, all the colors, octagonal border=so me! I used coral napkins from World Market to top it off. I’m not seeing this color anymore, but there are so many to choose from! You can’t go wrong! The silver napkin rings are from TJ Maxx.


I love having a “complete” space. I say that, but know that it is never complete because I’m likely to change it up or add or edit or do anything!

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