Paint your interior doors grey

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. We have plain, flat front doors everywhere in our house. Over the years, I’ve seen so many great ways to update doors (mainly from inspiration on pinterest). Here are some of my favorite:

Amanda Forrest Pretty Simple Doors

This was a pin from The Finished Space . What a good name! All she did was add panel molding so that it would look more complete. This is something I’m still toying with doing in my own home.


And this is an idea from Martha Stewart. I’m debating on doing something like this to my closet doors in our master bedroom. How fun would this be in a child’s room?

Add mirrors to closet doors and make this design with trim pieces.

And I’m pretty much obsessed with this one. It’s truly what I want to do on my closet doors. The pin I have links to Gardiner & Larson Homes….great website for inspiration.

Here’s some more inspiration from Martha Stewart.

How fab is that? I can totally see my master closets having this nailhead trim to tie into the nailhead trim on our headboard. And it’s on a flat slab door; surely it’s easy!

Ohhh and this one too…

What a great way to update bi-fold doors! Also notice that when they are all closed, the strategic placing of the knobs makes it appear as though it’s two sets of double doors. I have a closet like this in a hall way that I did not paint grey. I’m thinking I’ll paint it grey and update the knobs. So easy!

Enough inspiration photos. If you want more, check out this great Domino post or just search Pinterest! Here’s the post that was my true inspiration and turning point that made me do it: Painting Your Interior Doors Black from Focal Point Styling. She has some great tips about how to do this project best! I love how the black adds a richness to the overall feel of the home. It makes the entire aesthetic seem finished and complete.

I’ve been toying with this concept for a year or two now. I even executed it in my basement first to see if I liked it. However, I was worried black would be a little too stark of a contrast for my very bright decor. I searched other interior doors on pinterest and there’s so many options (as you can see above). I finally settled on the idea of a dark grey. Something that would still add warmth, but not be too harsh against my lighter beige walls.

Now, which dark grey? Have y’all see the HGTV Color Palettes at Sherwin Williams? I first discovered these when I was trying to pick a color for my main living areas. I originally looked at all the paint decks in greys and beige and I found Accessible Beige to be my favorite colors. Then I discovered that it was in the Coastal Cool color palette. From there, that palette has helped me make serious color choices. It’s a great place to start and then find that color on the paint deck and go up or down or left or right to find the shade and color that truly works in your home. I picked up a sample of Fawn Brindle an absolutely loved how it contrasted with the Dover White trim and Accessible Beige colors on my wall!

before foyer

Here’s a shot of my foyer in a before picture. That closet is looking like a plain ole closet.

dining room door before

And same is this photo from the dining room. Plain ole white closet. It’s not that it’s bad, it just could be better.

progress door

And here is a progress shot with just one coat of paint. It took two coats.

foyer after

And here is the after. Doesn’t it just make that space feel a little more complete? I wanted to get the front door in the picture, too. I think both doors being painted brings some balance to the space. I think I need some art on the wall by this closet to finish this “room” a little more.

dining after

Here’s the after shot of the dining room. So much better! And ya’ll, the knobs. They were terrible.

old knobs

I’m assuming when the house was built in the 1960s this door knob was gold, at some point. I would love to update all the knobs in our home and I know that is a very inexpensive fix that I would highly suggest! However, as frugile as it is, I still needed a cheaper option. So I bought a $5 can of spray paint at Ace and sprayed the handles.

after 2

So much better! I know that is so pixelated from me cropping the photo so close, but it’s such a dramatic difference! I’m totally on board with the mixed metals all over the home. Our front door and garage door have the oil rubbed bronze door knobs and I love how those contrast with the bright coral and turquoise I have on those exterior doors. All interior doors are grey with gold knobs.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to update your home, paint your interior doors! It truly adds that finished look and it was so cheap, about two quarts of paint!

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