Indoor Planter Arrangement

When I showed y’all my breakfast room a few weeks ago, my plant in the corner was doing okay. It has certainly seen a more fully, lush life.


As my days have gotten busier and amount of sunlight shorter, the palm was not getting enough nutrients. Here’s the evidence of the sad palm.


Poor palm. I’ve moved it to another room, hoping the extra light will revive it. Needless to say, this corner need to be rejuvenated. As I was shopping at Home Depot to find some plants for my front porch, I looked over at the houseplant area and saw a lot of things I love! And then I recalled this beautiful indoor arrangement in our dining room.


I had a professional plant service make this. I took them my brass footed bowl and they filled it with lush plants based on my needs and the light in the room. It is so happy in front of that window. I saw some of these plants at Home Depot and decided I would attempt my own indoor plant masterpiece. But first, I needed to polish my silver pot. This pot was a wedding gift, and it’s actually a wine bucket from Pottery Barn. I don’t believe they sell it anymore, but they have plenty of similar options! So I pulled out the silver polish to remove the tarnish and get ready to plant.


Pottery Barn silver wine bucket, similar here.

I love polished silvering! Getting this one shiny got me in the mood to finish the rest of my silver pieces on display; which they definitely need before the upcoming holidays.


These are the plants I chose. I’ve been wanting a split leaf philodendron and I saw it for only $12 and that it does well in low light. I searched the area for other low light plants and found these.


Splitleaf philodendron, similar here // red vein //
golden pothos, similar here // janet craig compacta, info here 


And here’s the finished product outside. I highly suggest laying out your plants in the pot to be sure you get them in the right direction. And here it is inside!


Ahhh, the corner has life now!


I absolutely love the colors, especially the red vein. It’s more pink than red and I love the surprise it adds.


And best of all, these plants should do well in low light. These photos may lead you to think it’s a bright room, but only during these hours I took the pictures. We usually have the shades down when we’re not home and it can be pretty dim in here. I can’t wait to see how they grow and fill in!

Here’s some tips:

  • consider height. I needed something with a little height, but not too tall.
  • consider colors. I love mixing solid green, with some chartruese, and the pink in the red vein plant.
  • consider how to fill. This would a pretty large container; it took 5 plants! And event now I feel like it could use more, but I am hopeful that it will fill in as it grows.


indoor plants for pinterest

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