What I Wish I Wore to High Point Market

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted. After a girls weekend away and a quick trip to High Point Market, I have not been near my computer in a very long.

High Point Market is the biannual showcase that all designers–furniture, interiors, vintage, antiques, new, fabrics, textiles, etc–feature their upcoming lines. It was my first time attending and I absolutely loved it!

The group I traveled with only went for one day and I had no idea what to wear. I packed three outfits but ultimately wore a casual dress, sneakers, and a raincoat. I wanted to be fashionable because this is, after all, a very on-style occasion, but needed to be comfortable, too. Looking back and planning for next time, here’s what I wish I wore.

What I Wish I Wore to High Point Market

1 // Madewell Pink Anorak // It was raining off an on the day I went. I did take a rain coat, but it was bulky and this one appears to be lightweight and loose. It was also nice to be in layers as the temperature in buildings fluctuated. Bonus: good pockets for your phone, keys, small wallet, business cards. People were passing out promo bags that you can grab to keep any other items you collect through the day.

2 // Madewell white jeans // I haven’t invested in these, but all the bloggers swear by them.

3 // J.Crew gingham blouse // It’s just a good neutral that is stylish and a loose shirt.

4 // Cole Haan sneakers // So. Much. Walking. I wore sneakers and looking back, I wish I wore actually tennis shoes or something a little more supportive for constant walking.

5 // Totes Clear Umbrella // One of my pet peeves when walking in the rain is the fact that you lose peripheral vision when your hood is up. This umbrella lets you keep your hood down and still see where you are going to navigate the streets to the next building.

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