Exterior Painting Inspiration

Yesterday, on Instagram stories, I shared how we are planning to paint the exterior siding and trim of our house. I went into what colors we want to paint. Currently, I am thinking a warm, white trim; a neutral beige or greige for the siding; and dark bronze or warm charcoal, black for the garage door. Here is the current situation. NO JUDGING! I know it looks bad and that’s why we are painting it!


Sherwin Williams has a 40% off sale starting on April 12 and going through April 15 so I want to go get some samples and paint some areas to see it in the shade, in the sun, and get all kinds of comparisons and ideas.

Here are some inspiration colors I found on Pinterest.


This photo is from Style Blue Print and they used Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground on the brick, Anonymous on the trim, and Urbane Bronze on the door.

We can’t paint our entire exterior, but I love the idea of the Neutral Ground on the trim. Maybe it’s warm enough but it might not be white enough. Adding to the list of colors I want to sample!


How gorgeous?! My home is certainly not of this scale, but Maria Kilam makes very good points about the paint colors. When the brick is so light and orange in tone, you need to balance that with green undertones in your neutral.

Our brick is very light, almost pink-y, coral. I think that’s why my coral front door works so well against the white paneling. Pink and green are contrasts and that’s why they work. So I know my neutral color needs to have some green undertones so it will contrast the brick. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or irony that I’m playing with pink and green here? Ha!


I love the neutral here. Sweet Chaos Home chose Intellectual Gray for the neutral and Urbane Bronze for the shutters and doors. I’m definitely getting those two colors to sample.

So now you’ve probably got an idea of what I’m going for. I can’t wait to get these samples and test it out. It will probably look a little crazy for a while with these samples in different areas to test them out!

Now here’s the real dilemma and it’s kind of hard to explain. In the photo above, I love how the entire front porch/alcove area is the neutral. I don’t think that’s possible with mine because we have a ranch and it leads into the trim and eaves that go the length of the house. If I did the porch area a neutral, the entire rest of the trim would need to be neutral. And if that’s the case, then what color do I do the gable ends and siding on the other areas of the house? For those reasons, I think sticking with the white trim and white porch is the most classic and best way to go.

I also have some ideas for the lighting situation and plants around the porch so stay tuned for more on those things!

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