How to Research and Update a Ranch Front Porch with Paint and Lighting

I am so excited that I have finally made decisions and we are moving right along with this project! You’re probably tired of seeing my paint samples over on instagram. To refresh your memory, here is a photo of porch in it’s current state.


In an ideal world, we update the roof and add a portico. But we’re not made of money and what needs to be done right now is eaves and painting trim…it’s in bad shape and needs attention.

And here’s what we’re doing:

exterior porch update 5.7.19

An electrician comes this week and is moving our one light forward and adding another to the other side. That will bring those lights forwards and not only provide double the light, but also bring them out of that nook. I think this will add a “face” to the house.

The lanterns I selected are from Wayfair and I cannot say enough nice things about their customer service! You can check them out here. Yes, they are price-y. However, I fell in love with them when I saw them. I couldn’t get my mind off of them and when I explored similar items, there just wasn’t that special something. I didn’t want to get a cheaper lantern and then be disappointed that I didn’t spend a couple hundred more to get what I know I love in the long run. I love the patina on them and that’s why I’m going to bring that color out in the front door with the Verdigreen. That’s another reason I got them. Their patina is sooooo me. Y’all know I’m all about color and all about vintage; I felt like this combined those characteristics for me.

All the trim work, and the porch nook since that flows into the trim work and there’s not a place to separate it, will be Functional Gray. It’s got some green and brown undertones, so it reads much more greige than a true grey. For the siding and fascia that we have in the gable ends and along the back, we’re going with Shoji White, which really isn’t that white all. It’s very creamy, again with faint hints of beige undertones–it’s white enough to be a crisp contrast, but also creamy enough to where I’m not worried about keeping white clean. #priorities The Urbane Bronze will go on the garage door. Our garage is currently black, so this is a warmer hue to go with the entire color scheme.

I did serious research on this color scheme. I drove around one of the very nice neighborhoods in Greenville, SC to see what the designer trends in exterior paints were. There are gorgeous, old mansions that have been updated with paint and lighting and it was smart to steal ideas from there. After that, I rode around a neighborhood that has similar ranch homes to mine, but are all more updated. Our neighborhood is great, but not everyone has jumped on board with trending, updating exteriors.

I won’t be surprised if I end of up loving this more than my portico idea. This will at least quench that idea for a few years. I don’t want to do that portico until we have enough money to add a covered porch out back and do a new roof… That will be years down the road.

I can’t wait to share more once it’s complete! You know I’ll be blowing up insta-stories! Don’t you love seeing your ideas come into reality?

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