Exterior Painting Reveal

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! If you’ve been following on instagram, you know that we have undergone an exterior painting update. I shared on stories all the samples we tried and I previously shared the colors chosen and lanterns purchased. It’s finally all done!


I love how we chose a grey for the main trim and color instead of typical white. I always felt like our brick was a light color and looked a little pink; the grey neutralizes and balances it.

As a reminder, here is one of the before pictures:


We’ve come a long way! I am so happy with the colors and the lanterns! The greeny turquoise really brings out the patina in the lanterns.


See what I mean about the brick being neutralized? and the aged finish of the lantern? My husband was a little disappointed that we went with a turquoise paint for the doors. It’s hard to capture in photos, but I think it’s more green than it is turquoise. There’s a reason it’s a popular door color! I loved our coral door (it’s still coral on the inside); and I did love the way the coral popped against the grey. I am going to seize that opportunity one day with bright coral flowers in pots up front!

We also updated the lanterns on the back of the house.


We’ve actually had these lanterns for years! That project has been a long time coming. I used gift cards from Christmas so long ago to get these and we never got around to hanging them. Mainly because I thought it was an ordeal to change lights. It actually isn’t; I taught myself how to do it and the hardest part was mounting a new light to an old house! So you’ll see more light updates since I now know how easy it is to replace theme!

before and after porch

Home maintenance and improvement never ends. Our budget certainly has to take a break right now, but I’d really like to finish some of our hedges by the porch and around the side and figure out planters on the porch. The summer heat is here, so planting shrubs will have to wait. I’ve been researching planters for up front and I’m willing to postpone it if I need to save more money to truly get what I want. For now, the lanterns will be the showpiece! I’m a plant killer anyway; it’s been hard to find something that can stay alive in pots on this porch because it gets 8+ hours of direct sun each day.

I’ll just keep admiring the paint in the meantime. When a space feels pretty, you just want to spend more time in it. I’ve definitely been enjoying our back deck more now that it’s updated and feels pretty!

You can see older posts for a little more info on the research I did and how I chose these paint colors. I feel prepared to help with any paint choice or exterior color decision now!

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