Sunday Funday in Downtown Greenville

Have you ever been a tourist in your town? That’s exactly what I did this past Sunday and it was so fun! My mom and aunts came in town to see Hello Dolly so I took them to all the fun places in downtown Greenville.

They arrived mid-morning so we decided to get brunch at Caviar and Bananas. This market/restaurant is a great way to please a crowd for any meal. I got avocado toast, someone else got a sandwich, and another person got a hearty breakfast. We split a carafe of peach bellinis–that’s what really started our fun day!

How fun are these cocktail napkins? Pack some cute napkins in your purse to add a celebratory element to basic brunch out. These were the perfect way to start summer…with a drink!

After brunch, we headed to the Peace Center for the matinee of Hello Dolly. It was a fantastic show! The entire cast was so talented; each performer truly made me feel for them. During the performance of “Put on Your Sunday Clothes,” I was truly rooting for Cornelius and Barnaby to hop on that train and have an adventure in New York City. Of course, my favorite scene was the performance of “Hello Dolly” at the Harmonia Gardens restaurant. There were several folks around us swaying and bopping to the beat. As we left the theater, we couldn’t help but sing the tunes with an upbeat pep in our step!

After the show, the ladies wanted to stay downtown so we we went to Up on the Roof for another cocktail. I couldn’t ask for a better way to show off our little city…the weather and rooftop patio was perfection! And so was the mojitio my aunt ordered!


As suppertime approached, we headed towards the car and stopped at Nose Dive for a light dinner. As we left downtown, I showed them some of the gorgeous neighborhoods surrounding the area. I love looking at beautiful homes!

When we got home, we all put on our soft clothes and made a moscow mule cocktail for sipping on the deck. It was a great day in downtown Greenville.

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