Coffee and Brunch on the Deck

This past weekend, I hosted my mom and aunts for a night. This was their “start to summer” celebration and I knew they would want to relax in pajamas the next morning and enjoy coffee and each other. To make things more enjoyable, I planned to bring it all outside.IMG_4227

Yes, even the coffee maker! Why set up all the breakfast items inside when it can all be outside and close by so we could sip and munch longer? I took what I had and set it on the tray, then set it on the barcart outside. Creamer, sugar, honey, almond milk, cinnamon, agave nectar, etc.


I didn’t try to get this picture perfect and its not “blog worthy” photos, but what counts is the effort. Everyone enjoyed the assortment of creamers and sugars to add to their coffees; the containers they come in is just fine–it helps them know what each item is!


Just set out the coffee pot, mugs, creamers, sugars, spoons, and other breakfast items, and you’re good to go. This little effort made it easier on everyone–host and guests. Because items weren’t all in pretty containers, guests knew what each item was. Having corralled it all on a bar, made for an easy station and it keeps the host from having to play “waitress” and refill and make everyone’s coffee. And no guest wants to feel like they are putting their host out. The station made it accessible for everyone to enjoy leisurely–no pressure on attending to anyone or anything.

I think I might make this a regular weekend thing. It’s so easy to pull out the small coffee maker and set it up outside. The scent of coffee lingering through the air while listening to the peaceful sounds of summer is the best way to start the day.


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