The Glamorous $23 Caftan You Need for the Summer

This all got started when I was at the beach in the spring and saw this adorable lady in a hot pink bathing suit and a beautiful, sheer ivory caftan with gorgeous floral embroidery covering it. What captivated me the most was the thought of a long cover up over my swimsuit. I’ve always worn a short cover up. The length made it feel formal and we know I’m all about feeling  a little dressed up.

As I thought more about it, I realized length would be beneficial when I need to cover my body to prevent sunburn. It would be even better if it wasn’t completely sheer so I could run errands in my bathing suit if needed (never know when you need to make a quick dash to the grocery to pick up happy hour snacks and beverages) and didn’t want to change clothes completely. It would also feel like I wasn’t walking around naked. I have some sheet coverups but when I go up to the house to make lunch or a snack, I just feel naked and I don’t like that.

I’ve been searching the internet all over…Belk, Nordstrom, Amazon, Loft…and I found exactly what I was looking for on Amazon.


I absolutely love the way it hangs and flows as I move. The high neck and sleeves make for additional coverage from the sun. In terms of being covered, the material is a very lightweight cotton feeling fabric. Praise the Lord I won’t die of heat and sweat while wearing a layer!

Excuse my low quality photo…here’s a screen shot from my phone from Amazon.


Do y’all see that it comes in 43 colors?! Each “color” is really a different style, so pay close attention to the neckline and hemlines when you’re perusing.

I loved the caftan so much, I decided a solid color would be a good idea to match more of my swimsuits and I bought this one.


This material was a little more sheer, but I think it would pass the “run an errand” test, hehe 🙂 It was a little shorter and had slits up the side. Notice the v-neck. I usually do not like v-necks on me, but I did love how this was a wide v and how it draped over my shoulders. I’ll just pull it up if I need to block sun.

Apologies again for the low quality photo. Maybe I’ll invest in a true floor mirror…Here is the screen shot from Amazon from my phone…


This came in a few colors as well. Take note that this one actually came with sizing. I ordered a small and it was plenty big enough!

I’m so glad I found these before the beach this summer. I will feel so much better being covered but chic at the beach!

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