Red, White, and Blue Table

I love the Fourth of July! All of my childhood memories of this holiday are at the beach, and as an adult, I look back on that with gratefulness for our freedom and the ability to do that.  We have the opportunity to work hard, in whatever area or career we want, so that we can provide for our families, and in turn, we’re able to rest and enjoy fruits of our labors in beautiful places in this country.

I won’t be at the beach this year, but I’m checking with all my friends to see who will be in town. I just might host a party and you know I’ll be sure to use all the elements in these photos!




This was so fun to create! I loved using blue and white. I love all the chinoiserie and blue willow, but I haven’t had much of it until recently. Would you believe I found the plates at a consignment store at the beach? I don’t think they are “real” and the blue is very pale compared to some others, but I’m okay with that because it will go with my other pieces of china and tableware better. I used a slightly bigger plates with dark blue under it to make it stand out against the striped placemats.

I also loved pulling out my silver to use! Two very important things about silver: First, when those mint julep cups or goblets are filled with ice, you’ll appreciate how cold it keeps your beverage on a very hot day. Put them in the fridge or freezer before serving for an extra chill. Second, silver is the best way to get instant gratification. I had to polish this before using, which is a little bit of elbow grease, but the way it sparkles after a few minutes will make you glad you did it!

I also spruced up the sitting area at the end of my deck by adding blue and white pillows and American flags. I love the 13 star flag; as a native of South Carolina, I think it’s a special nod to the 13 original colonies and how our country was first founded. The ikat style pillows add a modern touch and I didn’t shy away from all shades of blue. Notice the turquoise running through the ikat pillows, outdoor rug, and leopard pillow at the table. I have lots of turquoise in my house and I wanted to use it!


No one will believe me, but those red gladiolas came from my yard! I planted them years ago and they keep coming back. If they do well for me in my yard, you know they are easy and will work for you! And how about those all blue hydrangeas?! I “stole” them from a neighbors yard…sort of. There’s a lot in our neighborhood that had the house demolished because it was in a flood plain. The landscaping is all still there and we know how hydrangeas love moist soil–I guess the flooded yard does the plant good!

I used a flower frog to assemble them in the blue and white bowl; it helps those top heavy gladiolas stand up! Assembling the arrangement in a small bowl allows the arrangement to be bold and beautiful, but not block conversation.

Bamboo flatware adds a casual touch. I love how this table incorporated “fancy” things like silver, but doesn’t feel formal. It’s like the attire equivalent of upscale casual. I needed another touch of red and grosgrain ribbon around monogrammed napkins makes the perfect pop. And it’s so easy!

All these pieces have been collected over time but as an enneagram type 2 helper, I’m not gonna leave you hanging! Here are sources for the same or similar items.

4th of July Table Service

Bamboo Flatware

I dream of owning a gold set like this! It would really dress up any table.

This dark bamboo is another easy going set.

The light set looks very similar to mine on the table; it might be it!

Monogrammed Napkins

These are seersucker and red, white, and blue. I don’t think there’s a more perfect napkins for the holiday!

You can’t go wrong with a classic single letter in a block print in white on white.

Can I have a set in every color of these?


The bold striped placements are very versatile. I’d love to get both colors and alternate them on the table!

The red and blue striped are bamboo–what a way to combine the chinoiserie and the holiday!

These tie dye mats would add a fun element to the table!

The horizontal striped mats remind me of chambray!

Charger Plates

This Anna Weatherly charger in dark blue is regal!

And I’ve always loved the Mottahedah blue lace charger. It’s classic and goes with any china.


Pottery Barn’s pueblo pattern is a modern, beachy take on blue and white.

And you just can’t go wrong with Blue Willow.

Mint Juleps

This crystal mint julep shows off your beverage!

This silver one is very similar to mine…you’ll use it for more than mint juleps!

I love the greek key border and rose gold on this set!


I like how tall and slender these classic goblets are and they seem almost matte.

The shape of this goblet is a little funky and unexpected.

The hobnail on these goblets adds a fun texture!

I got several comments on my dress when I did stories yesterday so I think I’ll come back  with blue dress suggestions!


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