Patriotic Porch

No flag holder? No problem! When we update our porch, we had to get rid of our flag holder. I didn’t think much of it because I’m not into always displaying a flag, but I think the week of the 4th requires it!


To make this work, I brought out my ferns in blue planters and just tucked the flag pole in the back. Originally, I had them without the garden stools, but then the flag was touching the ground and that is not okay. My Eagle Scout husband wouldn’t even let me prop the flags in the corner while I was setting this up; he wouldn’t even let the the bottom corners of the flag touch the ground. Honestly, he’s not too happy that they are grazing the floor of the porch. I convinced him that its touching the porch and not the ground and he was okay with it.


I added the white garden stools to elevate the planters so the flags wouldn’t touch the ground. I had these garden stools tucked under a console in our dining room. Our dining room will be okay without them for a few weeks. Would you believe that I found these on clearance for about $20 years ago at Old Time Pottery. I might have to stop by and see if they have them again this year. End of summer sales are happening!


Because I like symmetry, I set up two flags. One is the 13 star flag and one is the 50 star flag. I like using the 13 star flag since our state is one of the 13 original colonies. I think it’s a neat way to pay homage to our heritage and how we started.


Happy Fourth of July! Here are some sources for you:

Garden Stools: Love this white bamboo one! // Or this classic and contemporary style!

I believe we got both our flags on Amazon but I’m sure any home improvement or hardware store will have them. 13 star flag // 50 star flag

I got my blue planters at Big Lots a few summers ago. I love how the blue goes with anything: Love the height on this one! // This texture adds interest!

The outdoor mat is from World Market. It’s my favorite place for outdoor mats. I get them and move them around all the time based on where and how we’re entertaining: I just bought this one to put in our laundry room. // And here’s another good blue and white option.

Have a happy Fourth of July, y’all!

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