Pink and Green Candlelit Dinner Under the Oaks

I don’t think anything could say summer more perfectly than a pink and green candlelit dinner under the oaks!


Don’t you wish you were sitting there sipping a glass of rose (it’s gotta be a pink wine, it goes with the theme) enjoying dusk as the pinky-orange sunset fades?!


This whole tablescape and setting came together in under 30 minutes and my momma and I were sweating by the time we were done! We were trying so hard to make some other setting worked and then it just clicked and came together so quickly. We had the “ah-ha” moment and you should have seen us running to gather our items quickly when we realized what we wanted to do.

Before the candlelight, there was a beautiful light pink sunset–you can see it peeking through the woods.


We used other pink and green items we had–would you believe my mom found those shams at a re-sale market? And the pink begonia was an easy addition!

We knew we wanted pink placements to ground the setting. I love how bright these are and I also love how affordable they are, too! I own these in turquoise and these were borrowed from a family friend. They are called Peasant Mats and come in a rainbow of colors and options! They are actually produced by one of my favorite china companies–Skyros! They are a durable paper–making them ideal for casual dining but they are durable enough to reuse.

The gold chargers are actually a paper, cardboard material as well. I found them at TJ Maxx a long time ago but I found them online here for you! Would you believe the gold flatware is disposable? It looks so real, right? We found that at Michaels here.

The napkins are my mom’s. They were definitely the inspiration behind the pink and green! I’m not sure where she got them, but here are some options: here, ohhh I love these here, and these are a watercolor option here. The bright napkin rings were borrowed from a friend. I love how they bring the bold pink front and center! To my knowledge, they are vintage but here is a super fun option here and here.

The white dinnerware is my mother’s original everyday white. It is Kaiser Romantica and I love the scalloped edges–it adds a soft feminine touch without being overly girly. I don’t believe they make it anymore but Replacements is an excellent resource to find it! Scalloped details are back in and there’s so many options on the market: from a melamine plate here to a tradational plate here.

The green goblet is also my mom’s. I forgot where it came from–either her wedding registry or an auction, likely! I’ve always loved these here. I think green is an accent worth investing it–it can be used for so many holidays (Christmas, spring,’s always a good accent). The brass candleholders are also hers. It’s a good thing she never threw some stuff away–it’s all back in style in now! If you’re looking brass, I would suggest shopping your local vintage stores. Or come see me at Cottage Grove Vintage Market!

And now let’s have a moment for the centerpiece…



This gorgeous tulipierre was borrowed from my aunt. Isn’t it showstopping? We grabbed discounted roses at Wal-Mart for $4 and they were perfect! It’s small little bud openings on the vase, so it can’t hold a lot, but the pink was on point!






I have also seen tulipierres in vintage markets and that’s probably your best bet for a reasonably priced one. But please click these links and admire this unique blue and white version here.

I hope this brings a little inspiration for your next gathering!  And while I am certainly not at “influencer” status, I hope this does influence you to make a beautiful gathering…whether that’s two ladies enjoying some rose and friendship or for a romantic dinner with your special someone. I hope it does not intimidate you. It doesn’t take much to create a beautiful table and this one came together with a lot of help–we borrowed things from my aunts and used a lot of stuff we had. Don’t be afraid to borrow items from friends. Beautiful things bring joy and they are a waste if we don’t use them and share the joy!

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