My New Favorite Jeans

Happy Saturday y’all! If you watched on stories earlier this week, I raved about how I want the jean battle with Old Navy Jeans! And I just had to come to the blog to expand upon that! This is the pair I’m wearing in the photos below.


Here’s why I love these new jeans:

  1. High Rise: I think this is my first pair or true high rise jeans and I’m wondering where these have been all my life. I would say I have a pear shaped body and love handles have always been one of my insecurities (especially from the low rise middle school days). These jeans just glide right over and define my waist!
  2. Straight, not skinny: I’m all about a skinny jean, but not a skin tight jean. I love how these are straight and not clinging to my ankles and calves. To be fair, there is a place for very skinny jeans–under boots in the winter.
  3. Light Wash: I love a dark wash jean; they feel sophisticated and more polished. With my recent lifestyle change, I needed a new pair of more casual jeans and these are perfect. Its a good way to still wear jeans in the summer. I felt like my dark wash jeans in July looked out of place.
  4. Pocket Placement: Y’all this is critical. With any pair of jeans, you need be to sure the back pockets are situated just so. Particularly with high rise jeans, you don’t want the back pocket to be too high–it will make your fanny look below the pockets. If pockets are too low, then it makes your rear end look wider at your thighs across the back. These are the goldilocks of pocket placement–just right.
  5. Ankle Length: Being 5’9″, it can be hard for me to find the right length of jean. I don’t care for a crop or capri length on me. On my taller frame, it just looks like shrunken clothes on me. These hit right at the ankle and are perfect. This also makes them good for year round wear.
  6. Under Garments: Cannot believe I am going here but….I like my high rise full coverage granny panty undies ya’ll. And I can wear them with these jeans. And I’m gonna leave it at that.
  7. Move-ability: I think this has to do with the high rise, but because of that, I can move and not have to adjust. For example, I move furniture and carry home items all day long. Squat and take photos of said home items for instagram, get down on the floor to get the shot, whatever. I can do all that and don’t have to pull my pants up or adjust when I return to normal standing position.
  8. The Price: I got these on sale for 29.99. That’s an amazing deal for jeans I love this much! I’ve kept telling myself I would save up and just get a pair of designer jeans I love. Well I love these so now I don’t have to splurge!




I’d love to know if you try these jeans and how they work for you! As fall arrives, I’m going to keep my eye for sales and look into the black jeans and the dark rinse. They come in all styles!

I also hopped on stories and told y’all about the wide leg crops I wore yesterday. They are going to be another favorite, too! And I cannot wait to wear these warm white wide leg chino crops as fall approaches! I have a feeling you’ll be seeing me in these pants a lot!

Happy Saturday!


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