The Best Orange Accessories

Continuing with this week’s football theme, I want to share some of the best orange accessories with y’all!

The Best Orange Accessories

Beaded Hoops: an Amazon score! I love hoops that don’t go through the ear, if that makes sense…and I like that these are studs, too!

Orange and Purple Mixed Media: talk about a statement! These make the outfit. Pair these with an all white dress and you’re done! I can also see these being paired with an all navy dress in the fall. Bonus–these are from local accessory girl Laura Cox.

Beaded Fan: These are another statement making earring…they are large and make a presence.

Seed Bead Earring: Another favorite from local jewel accessory guru Laura Cox.

Pink and Orange Stella and Dot dupes: I have the original from Stella and Dot from years ago. I wear these all the time. I love how they add a little more elegance and dress up an outfit. They aren’t available anymore but these dupes look exactly like them!

Orange Beaded Necklace: Remember when these were all the rage in all different colors a few years ago? Similar to the bold earrings above, add this to any plain outfit, and you’re done!

Orange floral earrings: I love how these are statement making, but also delicate.

Moving on from the head to the toe…because we need the outfit to be complete!

The Best Orange Shoes

Double E Orange Sandals: I bought this pair last year to be the sandal I changed into in third quarter when I was tired of wearing heels. They were a life saver. I have continued to wear them this summer as a fun pop of color on my feet. I know I’ll wear them to the hot games this year.

Orange Espadrilles: I am loving these! They will be so cute with swing dresses and even take you into fall with jeans when the weather gets a little cooler.

Orange Low Heeled Sandal: Oh how I wish I had these while I was working at Clemson! It’s the perfect low heel that can be casual or dressy.

So have you picked out what to wear to the first game? I’m totally thinking white dress, statement earrings, orange sandals. Can’t wait!

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