Sunday Prep

As the beginning of the new school year gets underway, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my daily and weekly routines. Although I am not in school and don’t have kids that are back to school, I do think this is a time to hit “re-set” and find a groove within repeated rhythms.


First, get yourself a good notebook. This doesn’t pertain to Sunday specifically, just in general. I have found that if I keep a small spiral bound notebook with me at all times, I can keep up with everything so much better! I keep this in my person and I take notes at client meetings, jot down to-do’s so I don’t forget, and so much more. It’s easy to reference when I can’t recall something because I keep it with me at all times, just slide it into the side of my tote/purse.

I believe I found this one at Tuesday Morning, but I love finding them at Home Goods or TJ Maxx. I just go pick one up when I’m out and about running errands at these places.

Floral Notebooks at Amazon // Small Set of 3 Rifle Paper Notebooks at Amazon // Filled with Love Floral Notebook from WalMart // Small Floral Notebook from Target //

Now, the true prep begins…

That’s my Sunday checklist–the 5 things I do on Sunday afternoons to prep for the week ahead.

  1. Review Outings/Events: anything that takes us away from the house on a night like a bible study meetings, parties, meeting up with friends.

2. Plan Daily Outfits based on the above: this helps me determine if I need something dry cleaned for a wedding or need to wash something specific. It’s also a huge time saver in the mornings to have your day’s outfit already picked out. Helpful tip: look at the weather. I don’t watch the news in the morning so knowing this ahead of time is helpful. In the summer, it’s pretty easy to know that it’s just gonna be hot, but in spring or fall as season’s change, it’s nice to have a heads up as I’m planning the week.


As I plan my outfits, I hang them on a hook in order on the back of my closet door. I take note if anything needs ironing or steaming and do that quickly. I usually steam because it’s so easy to do it right there hanging on the hook.

Single Over the Door Hook //  10 Pack Over the Door Hooks (Enough for everyone in the family to get in on Sunday Prep) // 6 Hooks (a hook for everyday) // Single Over the Door Hook for $1 (just think, spend $1 on this new habit and it could seriously change your week and life)

Small Steamer // Full Size Steamer (just hang all your clothes for the week on this and go to town) // Small Steamer on Sale at WalMart (can’t beat a clearance!) //

3. Meal Plan based on #1. Meal Planning is easier if I know that I’m at church on Wednesday nights but need to leave leftovers for hubby that night so I should double a recipe on Monday or Tuesday. Helpful Tip: look through your fridge to see what produce you didn’t eat the week before to give you ideas of meals to start the week. I usually grocery shop on Sunday afternoons or Monday mornings.

4. Goals List: these are big things I want to get done by the end of the week–not to be confused with a to do list. I’ll make my to-do list based on my goals list. For example, one of my goals this week is to have my final items turned into a client. Based on that goal, I’ll make my to-do lists.

5. Monday’s To Do List: this ends up being more of a stream of consciousness of all the things I want to get done the next day. Just getting them out of my head and onto paper helps so much. It’s a relief to know the list is written down!

Completely unnecessary, but fun — I color code everything, or if it’s not coded, I just write in all the colors because it can help me remember them. For example, I can recall something and where it’s written on the page and the color I wrote it in. I love using Sharpies! I know Sharpies make pens, but something about the giant multipack in the ultra fine tip are my fave.

Sharpies at WalMart // Sharpies at Amazon //

Happy Sunday Prep Y’all!


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