The Two Chores I Do Everyday

As we continue on the reset our weekly and daily rhythms, I wanted to share the two chores I do everyday. Doing these two things have made a big difference in the overall day to day maintenance of our home.

  1. Dishwasher. Let’s go a little backwards and talk about dishes at the end of the day. When we clean up the dishes after supper, I load the dishwasher and I run it every night. Every. Single. Night. Even if it’s only half full. Some may think that’s wasteful, but it’s more efficient, in my mind, that if I can run it every night and unload it every morning, then the dishwasher is ready to receive whatever dishes I need to put in it throughout the day. What if I have a meal that involves lots of cooking utensils or pots and pans. The thought of them all not fitting in the dishwasher…ugh. Stuff in the sink is a pet peeve. If the dishwasher is emptied first thing in the morning, then it’s always ready to load.


2. Laundry. I do one load of laundry every day. Again, doesn’t matter if it’s a small load; it’s still a step to completing laundry. Also, if it’s a small load, I’m more likely to finish it at the end of the day because it’s not much to fold. Seeing that it’s a size that is easy to accomplish also gets my hubby a little more willing to help, too.


Tuesdays are when I start my daily chores so I’ll be back tomorrow to share all about that!

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