about dbd

Hey y’all! And welcome to my space on the world wide web where I explore my favorite thing–designing! I chose that word because it encompasses all of my favorite things, allow me to explain a little further….

I’ve always had a creative side. As a child, I loved drawing and painting and pursued art in high school. I was always re-arranging my room and loved when my mom would watch HGTV. Remember the old Design on a Dime? or my absolute fave was Design Service with Sarah Richardson? She’s still one of my favorites.

As I graduated college and settled into my home with my husband, I loved decorating our home. One of my favorite things to do is “piddle.” It’s what my hubby says I do when I’m fluttering around the house and creating a little vignette, going from room to room to shop and find different accessories to complete a space.

Even more so than decorating, I love entertaining! Using my new or vintage china, pulling out the silver or using new pieces (going back to my love of decor–it’s all about the mix), having friends over is so fun! Life was meant to be shared with community and entertaining at home makes it personal.

Now to the career side. I didn’t realize it, but my chosen profession incorporated all of these things. I was an event planner for over a decade with one organization. I love creating events that recognized and celebrated individuals, finding unique ways to make each individual at an event for 400 feel special, creating gifts and favors, designing linens, florals, and foods that help carry a theme or message of an event. And being able to tap into my analytical side to accurately determine logistics and perfect timing of each detail so the event is flawlessly executed.

What I probably would have never admitted to my boss, but one of my biggest anxieties about event day was what I was going to wear. That may sound self absorbed, but as the event organizer, I felt that it was important that I looked professional, was comfortable (event life is not glamorous y’all), that my attire fit with the style of the event, and that I was confident. That usually meant I was in pink, wedge heels, and a dress. It’s a unique challenge to dress in cocktail attire, look on brand with the organization, be professional, and comfortable. It’s an attire challenge that I’ve mastered more times than I can count. To be honest, each of us has a variety of items that we take into account when getting dressed and putting together a complete look is one of my favorite things.

And that leads us here….to Designed by Dixon. This is my area of the world wide web where I can show you all of my passions, where they converge to one website. Whether that’s showing how I’m planning an event, decorating a home, curating an outfit ensemble, setting a beautiful table…it’s all things I’m passionate about and all things that are Designed by Dixon.  I hope you’ll follow along as I create things I love and I hope you never hesitate to contact me if there’s something I can help you design! Designing things for you by me but in His time.

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